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Joyful You - Joyful Child® is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational service organization. It began operation in l989 to further the purpose of the book, THE JOYFUL CHILD: A SOURCEBOOK OF ACTIVITIES AND IDEAS FOR RELEASING CHILDREN'S NATURAL JOY by Peggy Jenkins, Ph.D. Joyful Child Inc. is dedicated to guiding both children and the adults who serve them in awakening and releasing the joy that is our natural birthright.

To this end, programs and tools are provided for nurturing joy through healthy self-esteem, creative expression, universal principles and values. These programs encourage the fullest development of one's potential through a "big picture" of our multi-dimensional selves.

We are committed to serve as an instrument of support, information, and education in these times of change. At this time, Joyful Child is serving through facilitator training classes, classes for parents and teachers, and the development of products, primarily books.

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