“Nurturing Spirituality
and Values In Children”

Facilitator Training
Based on the book, Nurturing Spirituality in Children,
by Pegi-Joy Jenkins, Ph.D. and Resources on Human Values and Virtues

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“Choosing to support our children in being who they
really are is the greatest gift we can give them!”

Join us for this two day training on Nurturing Spirituality and Values in Children. This is designed to help teachers and parents teach universal principles quickly and effectively by using common household items. Common objects have long been used to make clear the unfamiliar. These lessons, therefore, use the concrete to support the abstract.

"The child must rise to the higher order
of the spirit through concrete things."

Dr. Maria Montessori

With your registration fee you will receive
a “How To” book (Nurturing Spirituality in Children) that
shows how to use simple household objects to teach spiritual principles.
AND a Notebook with common Values and Virtues and
guidelines for teaching them with the use of five activities.

Pegi-Joy Jenkins, Ph.D.
is the founder of Joyful Child, Inc. Her book, Nurturing Spirituality in Children, has been translated into seven languages around the world. Her book, Joyful Child, received the Golden Balloon Award from World Children's Day Foundation, a branch of UNICEF.

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