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Laughter Club International & Dr. Kataria's School of Laughter Yoga: Laughter is the Best Medicine. Humans were designed to laugh. Laughter is nature's stressbuster. It lifts our spirits with a happy high that makes us feel good and improves our behavior towards others.

Brilliant yet simple, Abraham offers you tools to help you have, do, or be whatever you want -- without exception and with great ease.

World Laughter Tour: This website is the International clearinghouse for information, ideas and news about therapeutic laughter and laughter clubs.

  Starshine Academy, A Charter School that promotes a strong academic foundation based on a healthy mind, body, and spirit to help each student to realize their unique gifts:

Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. Therapeutic humor is defined to be: any intervention that promotes health and wellness by stimulating a playful discovery, expression or appreciation of the absurdity or incongruity of life's situations.

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