Activating Inner Joy
Facilitator Training


Joyful You offers you training to become a facilitator of the Activating Inner Joy Seminar anywhere in the world.

Prerequisites: * Attending the Activating Inner Joy Seminar
* Public presentation experience

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* You will be licensed to offer the Activating Inner Joy Seminar anywhere in the world.

You will receive a variety of support from Joyful You including
website posting.

* You'll be spreading Joy and raising the vibration on the planet.



Seminar Outline

I     Joy Defined:

 A.  The feeling component of love. Love is our essence,  joy it’s expression.

       The alignment of soul and personality, head and heart, inner and outer.

©       A soul quality … our birthright!

©       “Joy is an inside job”

 B. Difference between joy and ordinary happiness


©     Ordinary happiness … affected by outer conditions - a personality reaction to

      conditions that satisfy emotional nature.

 ©     Joy is untouched by circumstances; It can grow in spite of conditions!

             ©     Possible to be joyful and not happy… or happy and not joyful

II    Benefits of Joy:

           A.    Joy is a high vibration; therefore causative

           B.    Personal benefits
           C.    Planetary benefits


III   Three Hourly Reminders to Support the 16 Joy Activators:


            A.    Remember … Joy is a choice (because it’s an inside job)
B.    Remember … Joy is causative (because feelings create)
     C.    Remember … Act differently, feel differently (our motions alter emotions)


IV   The “Sweet Sixteen” Joy Activators

These Activators are not in any important order except for the first one.  They work synergistically to align our soul and personality, thus releasing our Joy.


           1. Feeling Worthy and Deserving

           2. Recognizing True Identity and Purpose

           3. Expressing Gratitude

           4. Offering Selfless Service

           5. Living Universal Principles

           6. Letting Go of Value Judgments

           7. Appreciating Behavior Style Differences

           8. Honoring/Balancing our Four Bodies

           9. Releasing Laughter and Playfulness

          10. Choosing Silence; Listening Within

          11. Expressing Oneself Creatively

          12. Using Uplifting Self-Talk

          13. Connecting with Nature

          14. Simplifying and Stopping

          15. Creating Joy Rituals and Grab Bags

          16. Embracing Change

Copyright ©2003 Pegi-Joy Jenkins, Ph.D.


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