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If you have a vision of a better world for our children

If you have experience in group facilitation

If you want to help parents find their own joy, so it becomes their children's heritage

If you want to offer a professional service to your community or enhance your present services...


"CATCH THE VISION" is the 3 day instructor training course that licenses qualified applicants to conduct -Joyful Child Parenting, Grand Parenting, or Educator Classes throughout the world.


Parents, Grandparents, Child Caregivers and Teachers all need Joyful Child's expanded vision of children and proven methods for preventing the deep problems of families today. Joyful Child is working from the inside out to cultivate values, confidence, responsibility, creativity, self-worth, love and joy in children and the adults they model.  We are aware that the new children are here now have new needs. 

You can help make a difference. Become part of the Solution.


  • You will enhance your own personal and spiritual growth.

  • You will have a flexible business which integrates easily with family life.

  • You will set your own income goals and opportunities.

  • You can create travel opportunities via retreats, cruises, and sponsorship elsewhere.

  • You will have the opportunity to develop new friends around the country.

  • You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

  • You will be focusing on joy, unconditional love, universal principles, laughter, self-worth and service to others.  What you focus on expands.  

  • You will be lifting your vibration and the vibration of the planet.


Based on a multidimensional view of children, these classes apply universal principals and values to the parenting and education process. Presenting a new paradigm for the present age, they go beyond simply altering behavior and attitudes to offering the "big picture." This provides a framework for understanding one's true identity and for the character building that nurtures joy, our birthright.


The book The Joyful Child - A Sourcebook of Activities And Ideas for Releasing Children's Natural Joy by Peggy Joy Jenkins, Ph.D., is required reading prior to the Facilitator training as you will be using it in your Joyful Child classes.  The book received the Golden Balloon Award from the United Nation's World Children's Day Foundation (a branch of UNICEF) for it's contribution to the well-being of children. It can be ordered through bookstores or Joyful Child, Inc.

If you have experience in group facilitation and resonate with the book, you may wish to attend the training program. Send in your resume or brief bio and a paragraph on why you would like to have this business opportunity: 



This training is no longer being offered

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View the Soul-Based Parenting Article by Pegi Joy

(This article was featured in Odyssey, a leading South African magazine.)


"I am grateful to have been a part of the Catch The Vision training. The entire course overflowed with love, acceptance and joy. I now have a clear vision, as well as an abundance of practical resources, to create a more joy-filled world for my own children, as well as the children I will affect through my parenting classes." - Linda Steele, Counselor, Dallas TX.

"I want to thank you again, Pegi, for the wonderful experience. I was one of the most magical, inspiring and perfect times in my life and I will never forget it. You are a truly inspiring person to me both personally and professionally." - Belinda Russell, Newcastle, Australia.

"I thoroughly enjoy being a Joyful Child Parent trainer. I loved how the eight-week course is laid out allowing one to pick and choose from a menu of suggested involvement activities centered around a weekly theme. It was a joy to see my participants transform their lives and hear them exclaim that this parenting class is "second to none." - Noreen Doran-Reib, M.A., Scottsdale, AZ

"This course has affirmed the depth and wonder of responding to children's spiritual needs in the context of teaching and parenting in our transforming time. I would recommend this course to others who are serious about spiritual parenting." - Robin Harp, Boulder, CO

"These sessions have been of tremendous value to me. Dr. Jenkins has laid out an entire resourceful and creative program. I left with enthusiasm, confidence and much material to facilitate these high caliber Joyful Child parenting classes." - Dorothy Wilcox, Phoenix, AZ

"This course has opened my horizons for joy and given me methods to open the joy in children, teachers, and parents. I very highly recommend it." - Harrison Smith, Tahlequah, OK

"I'm ready to celebrate because I just graduated from the best course I've ever taken. I came away with so much more knowledge than I ever expected or thought possible from a four-day training." - Janna Del Prince, Boulder, CO.

"The focus on the natural state of joy, plus the materials and exercises taught in this training to keep that joy alive in ourselves and in children, will manifest significant changes for generations. The spiritual aspect of parenting makes this training different than other parenting classes I've taken. This course has given me a great many ideas to explore as well as inspiration and direction to my own life." - Harriet James, Seattle, WA

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