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This Ezine has been discontinued.

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Statement of Purpose:
The purpose of "Joyful Times" is to uplift the Spirit through inspiration and information.

Our Philosophy:  These are joyful times despite appearances because a great spiritual awakening is taking place on the planet. Vast numbers of people now understand universal principles, such as "like attracts like" and know that what they focus on expands.  Therefore, we can create joyful times in our personal world by directing out thoughts and feelings.  Seeing or imagining the perfection we want in our lives and in the lives of others has been called the highest form of prayer.  This can lift us into the the "high joy vibration."  Joyful times will result.

Messages to Uplift and Help Us to Remember
What We Really Know

At this time on the planet we need to keep the highest thoughts possible in our consciousness.  Here are some Joyful Links to other websites.  Feel free to e-mail me your additional suggestions.

                                                        Pegi-Joy Jenkins, Ph. D.
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