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Pegi Joy Jenkins, Ph.D. passed away peacefully on September 13, 2014. It was her great hope that her work would carry on through the many people who took her classes and not only read her books, but used them to impart the universal principles they shared with children everywhere. This site will be maintained for the foreseeable future to honor her contribution to the joyful child in all of us.

There are no classes or workshops currently being scheduled, but if you are interested in becoming a Joyful Child facilitator based on the Catch the Vision program, please email for details. An interview in Phoenix, AZ would be required.

Who we are, what we're about:

Joyful You - Joyful Child, an organization that promotes Inner Joy, was founded by Pegi Joy Jenkins. It's two major vehicles for promoting Inner Joy were Joyful Child®, which focuses on parent and teacher education, and Joyful You™, which focuses on YOU.

Definition: Let's briefly define what we mean by Joy. It's the energy of love, the feeling quality of love. We're talking about unconditional love for self and others. Joy is different than ordinary happiness which is usually a personality reaction to outer conditions. Joy is a soul quality and is untouched by outer circumstances. Our Motto is "Joy Is An Inside Job."

Pegi-Joy Jenkins, Ph.D was the recipient of a 1990 Golden Balloon Award from the World Children's Foundation, a branch of UNICEF, for the outstanding contribution of her book, The Joyful Child, to the well-being of children.

Pegi-Joy Jenkins, Ph.D., founder and President of Joyful You - Joyful Child Inc. was a visionary, author and adult educator, who believed in finding a need and filling it. Her seminars and books were all created from that intention.

Pegi-Joy saw her mission as helping to meet two major needs of her time:

1. The need for a change in the way we relate to today's children - She advocates seeing them as the multi-dimensional spiritual beings they are, each one here for a special purpose.

2. The need for JOY on the planet. As a soul quality it's our birthright. Joy has the ability to uplift and heal us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As we focus on joy, individually or in groups, we are raising our vibration and adding to the critical mass that can lift the consciousness on this planet.

Pegi-Joy received her BA in secondary education, her M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education, with an emphasis on education for creativity, and her Ph.D. in Adult Education. As an educator, she taught from the preschool level through the university graduate level, including corporate seminars, church seminars, and general public workshops.


Romualda (Rommy) Banaszczyk, M.Ed
International Education Coordinator

Our dearest Pegi Joy passed away this September. She was loved, appreciated and admired by everybody who had the opportunity to know her, to learn during her seminars, and study her books. Pegi Joy was and forever will be remembered in our hearts as the inspiration of compassion, joy and laughter.

Rommy has been the Assistant Principal Mentor for three StarShine Schools and Director for International Education. International speaker, Educator, and Numerologist who, through implementation of various projects, works for peace, global education, and joy around the world. She has a Masters in both Education and Economics and is Founder/President of an International Ladies Group. She believes, as Albert Einstein stated, that: "It's the overwhelming awe, joy and beauty of the Universe and the deep sense of connectedness to the World that we all seek."



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