"PanEuRhythmy - (Universal Harmony and Rhythm)"
Ardella Nathanael

PanEuRhythmy is a sacred dance usually done out in Nature.  Its music and  movements were given by the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno, 1864-1944,

The PanEuRhythmy dancing circle is a symbol of beauty, unity and the great wheel  of life. It is also a symbol of the evolution of human consciousness and a harmonious, creative manifestation of the Divine in the Universe.

PanEuRhythmy creates a powerful center for transmitting Love, Joy, Peace and

Harmony to all souls, calling on all to enter the path of the Divine.

For the month of June, Georgi Petkov (Joro), a representative of the Fellowship of Light founded by the Master Peter Deunov in Bulgaria, is visiting the USA.  Visitors are welcome at the gatherings with him in San Francisco, St Louis and Chicago.

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