"The Value of Joy"
Peggy Joy Jenkins, Ph.D.

Some may ask, “What value is joy in today’s world?” Does releasing that feeling of love within us have an effect on our lives?

The feeling of true joy carries with it such a high vibration that it heals us physically, balances us emotionally and clears us mentally. This vibration is also healing to our planet.

Our survival depends upon releasing our joy. As Deepak Chopra says, our immune system is constantly listening in on our thoughts and feelings and is influenced accordingly. If we are feeling fearful, discouraged, unworthy, or irritated our joy is shut down and, in turn, our immune system. To stay healthy physically we need to feel joy. Its high energy clears our thinking, disperses worry and other negative emotions, and relieves stress, the starting place for most illness.

The more joy we feel, the better our relationships. It’s contagious. Through the law of “like attracts like”, we bring more joy-filled people into our life. The energy of joy blesses those around us and the work we do. Think of how uplifted you feel around a truly joyful person.

Joyful people are more productive members of society. They’re not as apt to be absent from work, physically or mentally. These people are able to deal with crisis in the home, workplace or community. Their balanced emotions and uplifted thinking help them with problem solving. Joy comes from the alignment of our inner and outer self (our soul and personality). Because of this inner connection, the joyous person will be more attuned to right action in all situations, not just emergencies.

The sages tell us that a buoyant joyous feeling releases the energy that many times enables a wonderful manifestation to take place. Grasp those moments and affirm your good! 

Joy Checklist!

                        Start each day with this reminder to make Joy a continuous experience.

Today I will remember to:

      Feel worthy and deserving of joy.

      Accept myself and others unconditionally.

      Forgive myself and others for value judgments.

      Express gratitude to others and/or the Universe.

      Laugh for the sake of laughing.

      Lovingly serve others (the fast track to joy).

      Focus only on what I want, not what I don’t want. (What we focus on expands.)

      Use uplifting self-talk to keep my thoughts in alignment with love, peace and joy.

      Change my perception of a troubling situation by seeing its   higher purpose.

      Ask for assistance from Source to feel peace and joy around every situation that has me down.

      Tap into the love and joy at the center of my being.

      Think of joy as an inside job and not determined by outer circumstances.


Dr. Peggy Joy Jenkins is founder of Joyful You—Joyful Child, Inc., a nonprofit organization. She if the author of several parent/teacher education books.  Her seminars and books can be found on her website: www.joy4u.org. Also she can be e-mailed at joyful@joy4u.org or called at (928) 282-1311.