"Teens with the Courage to Give"
Jackie Waldman

Teens with the Courage to Give:  Young People Who Triumphed Over Tragedy and Volunteered to Make a Difference is a collection of stories of teens that rarely make the news:  teenagers who have dedicated themselves to important, socially useful volunteer work and who will lead their generation toward a more hopeful tomorrow.  It is the fourth in the Call to Action series, and the second by Oprah guest Jackie Waldman.
Teens with the Courage to Give profiles thirty amazing young people throughout the United States and Canada who overcame great personal odds to reach out and help others while healing themselves in the process.  Each has founded, or is linked to, a non-profit organization that is also profiled on the book, encouraging other teens to embrace volunteerism.
In these inspiring pages, to name a just a few of these heroic teenagers, you'll meet an amputee who runs i the Paralympics and spurs others on with his inner resolve; the son of a cancer patient who created support groups around the country for kids with sick parents,; a girl who helped her mother and younger sister as they died of AIDS and who is now an AIDS awareness and prevention volunteer; and one of the students from the Littleton, Colorado, shooting who has gone on to create a teen drop-in center.
Through their courageous first-person stories, these teens show that they are a part of the solution to what ails today's society.
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