"Violence Proof Your Kids Now"
How to Recognize the 8 Warning Signs and What to Do About Them
Erika V. Shearin Karres, Ed. D

"This book is packed with practical information that any concerned adult can use to help protect children from violence.  If we all had an engaged grandparent like Erika Karres at home, in school; or around our temple; church or community program, youth violence would rapidly become a rare event in America.  Buying this book is the next best thing to taking Erika home with you."  (Dr. Aaron Kipnis, author of Angry Young Men)
Erkia V. Shearin Karres, a survivor of the 20th century's single most violent episode, the Holocaust, chose to become an "anti-violence expert" and has distilled her 30-plus years research working with students, into recognizing the 8 tell-tale signals of a violent child.  In her words, all it would have taken to prevent the Columbine massacre was "one person.  A teacher or guidance counselor.  Or a coach or a minister.  Even just a neighbor.  Just one single human being."
Violence Proof Your Kids Now offers the 8 warning signs of violence prone kids, and seventy-seven successful strategies to keep our kids safe.  Whether you are concerned that your child might be violent or you want to be sure he or she isn't hanging around potential trouble-makers, this book will help you stop feeling helpless and take action.  Read this book and learn how to turn a violent kid around or protect your child from an assassin in training.  Includes a simple test for parents and one for teachers to pinpoint violence potential in kids as well as a 30-page resource guide for parents and teachers.
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